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Personalized Learning

Learners go through an interview to establish their difficulties in Maths and Science, thereafter a personalized learning package is designed for them.

Maths @Work

We provide Maths Tutoring Services to companies that want to develop their stuff in Mathematics.

Online Courses

Online Classes include pre-recorded lessons which can be accessed on our various digital platforms. 


  • Group learning

  • Night-Visions

  • In the Mix
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Our Courses
1. Mathematics

Packages accompanied by texbooks and study guides from Grade 9 to Grade 12. Plus ongoing support via whatsapp, telegram and google classroom. 

2. Science

All sciences are packaged for the benefits of our learners. Including a mobile laboratory for practical experiments which will also be filmed for online learners.

3. Coding

Computer language is the future and at X-Matics future is what drives us. This is why we offering basic coding courses to our clients.

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Success Stories

Mrs. Sibisi was born a teacher, her level of discipline is exceptional, because she create a sense of freedom in the calssroom, the freedom to inquire about anything a learner may not have an understanding of, she creates a safe space for her learners in the calssroom. She accommodates everyone from a slow learner to a genius learner who just needs guidance, she treats everyone the same. She instilled love of Physical Science to me which influenced my current career path. Today I am a Mechanical Engineer because of her. She made Physical Science look easy, she was not only a teacher to me but she became a mother also. I remember in one of our X-MATICS programs Mrs. Sibisi went to fetch some learners who had given up on Maths and Science, she drove to their homes and transported them back to the extra-classes. If you are fortunate enough to be taught by Mrs. Sibisi, grab it with both hands because she is a specialist in Physical Science.  

Sindisiwe Mtshali
Machenical Engineer
Let The Number Speak
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