About Us
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About X-Matics

Majority of learners fail Maths and Science because there is just not enough time to teach them. Special attention and awards are given to the learners who are naturally smart and quick to grasp these subjects. This leaves the other learners unattended to because not many people have the time no the reward for them.

Mrs. Xoli Sibisi the founding director of X-Matics realized the lack of interest to these learners and decided to establish the academy which will cater for all learners regardless of their previous Maths and Science academic history.

Our vision

to give every single child an opportunity to excel in Maths and Science regardless of their natural ability academically.

Our mission

to create a Maths and Science academy that is committed to the future of each and every single learner on our program. Determining academic strength of children in order to design an appropriately personalized tutoring package.


  • to build a virtual classroom in Gauteng

  • acquire a fully fitted mobile laboratory

  • secure a building for our programs

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